EMR roster membership
EMR roster membership.

EMR artists currently on roster will be grandfathered in.
All new roster members will have 3 choices to be an EMR roster member.
1. Basic 25$ yearly for promotion and access to all EMR opportunities.
2.Silver membership. $75 yearly includes promotion, global release of 1 album or 3 singles published or not, artists choice. Opportunities for additional distribution with partners EX: Chaos music distribution which will pay artists 80 percent of all sales and streams with no additional cost to roster members and more.
3. $120 for lifetime membership. Including 2 album releases or 8 singles yearly.
Artists will also be submitted for tv,radio,shows, all partners additional distribution at no cost, placement submissions for movies, video game licensing, themes for tv shows, commercials , event licensing such as sports events EX music for all sports playoffs, themes for red carpet events and all casting that is offered to EMR artists.
You will be informed of new developments as planners for casting artists are offered to EMR.
None of the agreements between artists and EMR are exclusive.
You may cancel any level of your services with a 30 day notice.
No contracts to sign. Just an agreement with EMRMusicgroup, EMR Records and EMRMEDIA.
This is not a recording contract. Just services that will be offered to roster members.
Thank you.
To inquire contact sugarbeartrio@gmail.com.
Ask for private phone number for serious artists only.
Subject matter should be EMR roster membership or your email will not be answered.
Thank you.


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