EMR roster membership EMR roster membership.

EMR artists currently on roster will be grandfathered in.
All new roster members will have 3 choices to be an EMR roster member.
1. Basic 25$ yearly for promotion and access to all EMR opportunities.
2.Silver membership. $75 yearly includes promotion, global release of 1 album or 3 singles published or not, artists choice. Opportunities for additional distribution with partners EX: Chaos music distribution which will pay artists 80 percent of all sales and streams with no additional cost to roster members and more.
3. $120 for lifetime membership. Including 2 album releases or 8 singles yearly.
Artists will also be submitted for tv,radio,shows, all partners additional distribution at no cost, placement submissions for movies, video game licensing, themes for tv shows, commercials , event licensing such as sports events EX music for all sports playoffs, themes for red carpet events and all casting that is offered…

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